Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House
Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House Gotyk House
1. The Old Gdansk – a spacious, in a raw style, soaked in the atmosphere of Middle Ages with many Gdansk style details, with the view of St. Mary's Church and Town Hall. Splendid arches, dark halls and inspiring lighting. A soulful Gdansk chamber in the middle of Old Town.

2. The Artus Court – overlooking magnificent Gdansk houses, perceptible nearness of St. Mary's Church, spacious interiors, original old Gdansk decor complete the extraordinary character of the room. An interesting design and unique lighting of its bathroom make this room worthy to host even King Arthur himself.

3. Nicolas Copernicus – an impressive view of the St. Mary's Church vicarage where Nicolas Copernicus lived and the most beautiful Mariacka street. According to the legend, Nicolas Copernicus used to visit this chamber while working on Narratio Prima published in 1540 in Gdansk. Looking at astronomical details and Gdansk decor, it is no wonder that the famous astronomer used to live here...

4. The Royal Neptune – the comfort and design of this room is worthy King of the Sea himself. Large windows with excellent view of the Town Hall and Gdansk houses. Designed with taste comfortable bathroom perfectly fits in with the Neptune room. Gotyk House is just few steps away from Neptune Fountain on Długa Street...

5. St. Mary's Basilica – a breathtaking view of the basilica and Mariacka street. Admirable arches, inspiring slants and timbers emphasize the magic atmosphere of this room. Comfort and care for every detail of furnishings let us soak in the amazing atmosphere of neighbouring St. Mary's Basilica and Mariacka street.

6. The Town Hall – the view of the Town Hall makes a long-lasting impression. The neighbourhood of the greatest buildings in town seem to be on arm's length. A chamber, where under the timber You literally soak in the atmosphere of old Gdansk.

7. Anna Schilling – a spacious apartment, where the remains of a XVIth century chest were found. According to the legend, the chest belonged to Anna Schilling- a mysterious love of Nicolas Copernicus. The raw look of the gothic walls, impressive arches and numerous timbers intensify the atmosphere of mystery. This is the place where Anna met Nicolas...

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